Winter is coming: Get ready!

Welcome to the May Edition of the Solarpro Zimbabwe Newsletter!

As we move into the middle of the year, we are excited to share the latest trends in the solar industry and update you on how Solarpro is making solar energy more accessible than ever with our innovative Rent-to-Buy program. Winter is always a difficult time for households and businesses as the country experiences huge power cuts. We urge you to consider going solar. If you already have a system its time to get it maintained in preparation for the cloudy days and sub-optimal temperatures.

1. Rising Solar Adoption: The global demand for solar energy continues to soar, driven by increasing awareness of climate change and the need for sustainable energy solutions. More households and businesses are turning to solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and gain energy independence.

2. Advancements in Solar Technology: Technological advancements are making solar panels more efficient and affordable. Innovations such as bifacial panels, which capture sunlight from both sides, and perovskite solar cells, which promise higher efficiency, are leading the way in the solar revolution.

3. Energy Storage Solutions: The integration of energy storage systems with solar installations is becoming more prevalent. Batteries like the SVOLT Lithium battery available from Solarpro are becoming cheaper and High Voltage battery systems like our Sigenergy Sigenstor are becoming more available allowing users to store excess solar energy for use during the night or on cloudy days, enhancing the reliability of solar power.

4. Government Incentives and Policies: Governments worldwide are introducing favourable policies and incentives to promote solar energy adoption. In Zimbabwe the net programming is available and makes it easy for you to export power to the grid thereby reducing your bill.

5. Microgrids and Decentralized Power: Microgrids, which are localized energy grids that can operate independently from the traditional grid, are gaining popularity. They are also become easy to install, with many cluster home developments adopting these. Such systems are particularly beneficial in areas not yet connected to the grid, providing reliable and sustainable power where traditional grid infrastructure is lacking or unreliable.

Solarpro’s Rent-to-Buy Program: Simplifying Solar Access

At Solarpro Zimbabwe, we understand that the upfront costs of solar installations can be a significant barrier for many households and businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced our Rent-to-Buy program, designed to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone.

How It Works:

  1. Affordable Monthly Payments: Instead of a large initial investment, customers can enjoy the benefits of solar energy with low monthly payments. This model spreads the cost over time, making it easier on the budget.

  2. Immediate Savings: With our Rent-to-Buy program, you can start saving on your electricity bills from day one. As you make monthly payments, you also reduce your dependence on the grid, leading to significant long-term savings.

  3. Flexible Terms: We offer flexible financing options tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re a homeowner, small business, or a larger enterprise, we have a plan that fits your financial situation.

  4. Full Ownership: At the end of the payment term, you will own the solar system outright. This means you will continue to enjoy free solar energy for the lifetime of the system, which typically lasts 25 years or more.

  5. Maintenance and Support: Solarpro provides comprehensive maintenance and support throughout the rental period. Our team of experts ensures that your solar system operates at peak efficiency, giving you peace of mind.

Customer Success Story

The Dube Family’s Solar Journey

The Dube family family in Bulawayo recently joined our Rent-to-Buy program and couldn’t be happier. “We were concerned about the initial cost of installing solar panels,” said Mr. Dube. “Solarpro’s Rent-to-Buy option was the perfect solution for us. We’re now enjoying lower electricity bills and feel good about using clean energy.”

The Mahaka Family’s Solar Journey

The family contacted us via our website and wanted a system installed for their mother based in Marondera. Solarpro designed a 5kva system with 4400 watt solar panel array and 10kwh lithium battery. The system was installed this month and Kuda had this to say:

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